Post reduction arm fracture

When I had to get my long arm cast they had one of these bit it was too small so it hurt like hell and they trained me to pull myself up cause I needed one at home and that hurt soo much so I was happy to get rid of the hosital one but the one they gave at home was twice as small as the one at the hospital.

"My arm looked like that only it was in a sling and my cast went up to my shoulder and a lot more people starred and looked at me because my ankle was broken and my neck was sprained and I was in an electric wheelchair"

The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon helps

(Part 1) The Adhesive Duck Deficiency. Sheldon comes to the rescue of Penny. Penny hurt, Sheldon helps

The Big Bang Theory - Penny hurt

Penny gets hurt. Sheldon forced to help. Hilarity ensues. (This is Part 2)
Excerpts from Season 3 Episode 8. I cut out Leonard, Howard, and Raj's scenes at the campsite for Penny/Sheldon fans. But their scenes are really funny too in this episode. I recommend watching the whole episode when it comes out on DVD.

Latinas in arm cast

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Shoulder spica cast movie

This post could be identify under the tags of body cast, shoulder injury, or schoulder-spica.The character broke her shoulder in a motorcicle accident and got a spica cast in the emergency room. A nice view for a crack in bone.  I don't know the name of the european actress. Feel free to share free videos like this on:

Lingerie cast and lifestyle

A pretty blonde in a lingerie cast.  A perfect show of a cast + lifestyle top models. Even if the long arm cast is made of fiberglas or plaster of paris, a top model with broken arm still looks sexy. And what do you think guys about high boots...  If I would meet her I would tell her: I wanna be your cast protector  ;)   :D     Give us a feedback or link us at

White short arm cast gips yeso

White short arm cast gips yeso. Linda, short arm in a movie. Does anyone knows the name?

Celebrity cast collection

How are you guys, a person wrote asking if he can publish his pictures in my blog. The answer for everyone is yes.  If you also have videos and any free content from your experiencies... feel free... any time.  By the way, I want to recommend the following web site, plenty of videos and pics for recreational casting fans. Grab the best free content like pictures of pretty ladies with awesome casts, braces and crutches. Enjoy it all !


Real Luh at the orthopedist

You could get more free videos at Cast community, a virtual community that focus on webfinds, stories, and the most popular links pages for cast enthusiast. I was wondering to find a web site that em braces new points o view of recreational casting, foot enthusiast and other hobbies. So I decided to open a relaxed, fresh, original virtual space for casters fan.

Blonde sighting pink fiber

This weekend I went to one museum on DC and I found this blonde in medical arm cast. Fiberglass cast has been a confortable option than paris plaster cast, less heavy and people with orthopedic needs could find more color options.